Peter McDonald

Ecospray meet Moroccan growers, agronomists and advisors

AST (Agro Spray Technic) and our partner CBC Biogard

Ecospray CEO Peter McDonald and Technical Director Dr Murree Groom were delighted to join with AST (Agro Spray Technic) and our partner CBC Biogard in Agadir and over 100 agronomists and advisors this week to show the benefits of Nemguard to Moroccan growers.

Broccoli Insecticide Approval

Nemguard as an insecticide

Great news from Dudutech and exciting times for Kenyan Brocolli and Basil Farmers. Nemguard SC obtains PCPB approval for use as a drench nematicide on Basil for parasitic nematodes control. Foliar applied repellent insecticide on Brocolli for diamond back moth control. Key benefits good efficacy, zero MRL, Zero PHI, Multisite active therefore no pest resistance, Enhanced

Certis Belchim’s Impressive Demo

Ecospray visited Certis Belchim

Ecospray visited Certis Belchim’s impressive field demo site in Londerzeel, Belgium, where Nemguard was being showcased to over 2,000 growers and visitors. The product is effective in carrots and onions against carrot or onion fly. Certis Belchim also showcased where Nemguard fits in their product portfolio.

CBC Europe Srl acquisition of Ecospray stake


CBC Europe Srl – wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese CBC Co. Ltd. – a leading distributor and manufacturer of bio-protection products through its BIOGARD® Division, has announced the acquisition of a stake in Ecospray Ltd, a British based leader in the global bio-pesticide sector, with a focus on nematodes.  CBC Europe Srl – wholly

Ecospray in Ethiopia

Ecospray met with Dudutech Team and its customer Sher in Ethiopia

Ecospray met with Dudutech Team and its customer Sher in Ethiopia this week. Great opportunity to exchange knowledge from Kenya on Nemguard. Sher is the worlds largest rose producer employing 12,500 employees and a major exporter to Europe.

Outstanding results in South Africa with Nemguard on Potatoes

South Africa with Nemguard on Potatoes

Miriam Kungu from ICIPE in Kenya presented results of pot experiments with Nemguard  against nematodes in potatoes This was presented in South Africa in the University of Mpumalanga during Panema workshop. Panema is the Pan Africa nematode Nematology Conference where nematodes are a huge issue.

Remarkable results on cabbage stem flea beetle

Nemguard delivers remarkable results on cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB)

Nemguard delivers remarkable results on cabbage stem flea beetle ( CSFB) ADAS Boxworth had found amazing mortality results on CFB larvae treatment with Nemguard, with more than 90% mortality at rates of 4%. Even at rates of 2% mortality of 60% were observed. The work was carried out by Dr Duncan Coston & team at

Lee Kaigai Attends Hortiflora in Addis Ababa

Ecosprays East Africa Manager Lee Kaigai Attends Hortiflora in Ethiopia. Lee Kaigai attends Ethiopia premier floral trade fair in Addis Abbiba talking with our Distributor Dudutech and several flower customers from Kenya & Ethiopia

Rigby Taylor Place Further Order for Nemguard EGC

Rigby Taylor, now a brand under the umbrella of the Origin Amenity Group have placed a new order for Nemguard EGC in the turf market EGC Liquid is a formulated as a suspension concentrate (SC) containing 99% garlic extract. Utilising Ecospray’s patented technology it has a stabilised and recognised DAS fingerprint delivering consistent performance. It

Nemguard shows its worth at BBRO Sugar Beet Trials

Docking disorder is caused by free-living stubby root (Trichodorus and Paratrichodorus) and needle (Longidorus) nematode damage, and symptoms include stunted plants, fanging of roots and ultimately yield loss. Typically, damage is found on light sandy soils where free-living nematodes thrive, but there are increasing reports in recent seasons of the pests becoming a problem on

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